Pivot Point: South-central Wichita proving good neighbors lead to great things | The Wichita Eagle

They call themselves “SoCe Life,” and while the nickname might take a while to catch on, neighbors in south-central Wichita are making a difference in improving the area in which they live.

That’s the goal of any homeowner’s association, but the SoCe neighborhood — Kellogg south to Pawnee, Washington west to the Arkansas River — is roughly two square miles of residents bringing out the best in themselves and finding it in others.

The neighborhood statistically is one of the city’s highest in adult joblessness and housing vacancies, and lowest in median income. But that hasn’t stopped neighbors from coming together.

Susanne Phillips, a 21-year SoCe resident, said the neighborhood has become safer, friendlier and more fun. Neighbors collaborate on projects, walk other’s dogs when needed, and look out for one another the way neighbors everywhere should be doing (but often don’t).

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SoCe is a model for how neighborhoods assemble and make the best of themselves. Here’s hoping a NoCe, WeCe, EaCe and other Wichita areas follow.

Kirk Seminoff: 316-268-6278, @kseminoff

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