High wind slows Wichita construction projects


While the wind is a pain for most people, its something else for construction companies.

Scott Casevold is Vice President with Key Construction. He says the high winds mean expensive rented equipment sits idol at constructions sites. Not only can that add up, but it can cause projects to fall behind schedule.

"It’s something you’ve got to expect in Wichita, Kansas. Unfortunately, it just seems like it’s worse this year than normal," Casevold said.

He says the large crane at the Cargill headquarters site in Old Town is off limits. It’s halted important beam work that needs to be taken care of.

"The wind is also impacting one of the largest construction projects in Wichita. The President of Wildcat Construction says they have plenty of work that needs to be done, but due to the wind, all of the cranes are sitting still.

The equipment manufacturers and OSHA regulations take wind speed into consideration. Casevold says if the wind is blowing more than 25 miles per hour a lot of the equipment can’t be used due to safety reasons.

"I think it’s bad because you know the weather is nice. But, I’m kind of glad that they’re not able to use them because it’s kind of scary too, you know, the way the wind blows," Wichita resident Glenda Foster said.

Casevold is hopeful mother nature starts cooperating soon, so the company can complete its projects by the deadline.

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