Pivot Point: Reinvesting in Wichita a point of pride for NFL alum Kamerion Wimbley

Here’s a Wichita-centric football trivia question to throw out at your Super Bowl party Sunday.

Wichita native and Northwest High grad Kamerion Wimbley, who played nine years as a linebacker and defensive end in the NFL, was a two-time All-City football selection at what position?

Punter. The 6-foot-4, 210-pound high schooler was a quarterback and fearsome defensive player — and also the league’s best punter for two seasons.

Wimbley found fame at Florida State, then was an NFL first-round draft pick and played nine healthy seasons before retiring after the 2014 season.

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At 34, Wimbley is a success story among NFL alumni. He lives in Florida, but has made serious investments in Wichita with 15 commercial and residential properties and a half-dozen businesses.

“He definitely cares where he came from, and that’s pretty unique and nice to see,” said longtime friend Terry Atwater of It Takes A Village Inc., an operator of group homes for Wichita children in foster care.

Wichita would do well to market Wimbley, reaching for kids willing to study a professional athlete’s life-after-sports success. He could also show them if he still has his punting prowess.

Kirk Seminoff: 316-268-6278, @kseminoff

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Senior Housing Finance Activity: Greystone, HJ Sims

Greystone Secures $19 Million in Refinancing for Dallas-Based Senior Housing Properties

Greystone, a New York-based real estate lending, investment and advisory firm, has secured $19 million in refinancing of two undisclosed seniors housing assets located in Dallas and in nearby suburb DeSoto, according to REBUSINESS.

Both loans were secured through Freddie Mac’s Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH) Express program.

The properties, which total 500 units, are made up of affordable housing options for seniors who make 60% or less of the area median income.

Ziegler Closes $4.9 Million in FHA Refinancing For Virginia Affordable Housing Project

Chicago-based Ziegler, a specialty investment bank, has closed $4,876,000 in the refinancing of Heritage Haven by Ziegler Financing Corporation (ZFC), the FHA-insured mortgage lending arm of Ziegler.

ZFC’s knowledge in utilizing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s multi-family refinancing program for affordable housing projects was able to reduce the borrower’s annual debt service costs; lower the interest rate from 6.20% to less than 3.45%; and capitalize more thanr $625,000 worth of planned repairs to upgrade and modernize the property.

Heritage Haven is a 150-unit affordable housing community sponsored by Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC), located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. As a whole, the VMRC campus is comprised of 150 affordable housing units, 263 independent living units, 86 assisted living units and 120 nursing care beds.

HJ Sims Provides $80.1 Million in Bond Refinancing for Pennsylvania Seniors Housing Portfolio

HJ Sims, a Fairfield, Connecticut-based investment firm, has completed an $88.1 million bond refinancing for Presby’s Inspired Life, a non-profit seniors housing operator based in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.

Presby’s Inspired Life owns and operates four market-rate seniors housing communities in the Philadelphia area: Rydal Park in Jenkintown; Rosemont Presbyterian Village in Bryn Mawr; Spring Mill Presbyterian Village in Lafayette Hill; and Broomall Presbyterian Village in Broomall.

Presby has worked with HJ Sims since 2009, with the investment banking firm providing four financings worth more than $183 million. The current bonds will refinance bank debt and bonds from 2010 and 2013, with a maturity on the new bonds of 2048.

Presby previously purchased land adjacent to its Rydal Park campus for a new independent living project, Rydal Waters. Refinancing the outstanding bank debt freed up capacity among Presby’s existing bank relationships to finance the Rydal Waters project once it completes its pre-development and pre-marketing process.

The 2017 bonds eliminated Presby’s variable rate interest exposure, provided annual cash flow savings, boosted debt service coverage and leveled out and extended future debt service on a fixed-rate basis.

Beacon Hill at Eastgate Secures $42 Million in Financing

Michigan Christian Home, doing business as Beacon Hill at Eastgate has secured $42,540,000 in financing from Series 2017 bonds provided by Ziegler.

Beacon Hill initially contemplated a bifurcated structure with approximately $20 million of bank debt and $23 million of public fixed rate debt. However, as the pricing date approached and MMD and interest rate spreads grew more favorable, Beacon Hill opted for a fully public fixed rate offering. The non-rated Series 2017A Bonds is the sole debt outstanding and the first public fixed rate issuance for Beacon Hill.

The proceeds of the Series 2017A Bonds, together with certain other monies held by the Borrower, will be used to refund the outstanding tax-exempt Series 2015A, 2015B, 2015C and 2015D bonds held by First Midwest Bank and The Huntington Bank; fund the termination payment of two hedge agreements entered into in connection with the Series 2015 Bonds; fund certain capital expenditures as well as a debt service reserve fund; and pay the costs of issuance of the Series 2017A Bonds.

Beacon Hill, a Michigan non-profit corporation was founded in 1951 by area Baptist churches to provide senior living and healthcare services in a Christian environment to Grand Rapids seniors. Beacon Hill is a Type B CCRC that is situated on a 20-acre campus located in the Eastgate neighborhood of Grand Rapids

AVANA Capital Arranges $17.2 Million Loan for Kansas-Based Assisted Living Facility

Glendale, Arizona-based AVANA Capital has provided $17.2 million through a conventional bridge loan to Mainstreet Property Group LLC, a Carmel, Indiana-based health care real estate investment trust.

The loan was used to acquire the Healthcare Resort of Wichita, a 94-bed facility located 12 miles from downtown Wichita, Kansas.

In looking for financing sources, Mainstreet discovered AVANA Capital and closed on the acquisition within 35 days. AVANA was able to mitigate the lack of an operating license and allow the borrower an additional six months to secure the license.

MidCap Financial Closes First Mortgage Loan for Acquisition of Atlanta Senior Housing Portfolio

Bethesda, Maryland-based MidCap Financial, a commercial finance company focused on middle market transactions, recently closed a transaction with a joint venture between Artemis Real Estate Partners, a private equity real estate investment firm, and Allegro Senior Living, an operator and manager of retirement communities.

The $18,250,000 floating rate first mortgage loan facilitated the acquisition of three assisted living and memory care communities located in the Atlanta, Georgia market: Alto Senior Living of Buckhead, Georgia; Alto Senior Living of Alpharetta, Georgia; and Alto Senior Living of Marietta, Georgia.

The financing enables Artemis to reposition the assets by implementing a $7,000,000 capital improvement plan to renovate the exteriors, common areas and unit interiors of the three communities. Allegro will operate and manage the senior living communities under its brand, Alto.

Ziegler Closes $75 Million Horizon House Project Financing

Ziegler has announced the closing of the Horizon House Project $75,000,000 Series 2017 Bonds.

Horizon House will use the proceeds of the Bonds, together with certain other funds, to: refund all of the $45,400,000 outstanding Series 2014A Bonds and refund all of the $11,100,000 outstanding Series 2014B Bonds; pay or reimburse the borrower for the costs of the remodeling, renovation and equipping of the borrower’s continuing care retirement community; pay fees resulting from the termination of certain interest rate hedge agreements; and pay certain costs of issuance of the bonds.

Ziegler assisted Horizon House in achieving a first-time rating on the Bonds of “BBB+” from Fitch. The Series 2017 Bonds are comprised of $75,000,000 in serial and term bonds which amortize through January 1, 2048.

Horizon House, is a Washington-based non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 1961 to develop, own and operate senior living communities. Currently, Horizon House owns and operates a continuing care retirement community adjacent to downtown Seattle, offering 378 independent living apartments, 80 assisted living apartments and 25 dementia care supported living apartments, to its more than 540 residents. Horizon House is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ.

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Find Your Apartment Guide Wichita KS

If you are moving to Wichita and you need an apartment, you can make your search easier by using an apartment guide Wichita KS. A good apartment guide will help you find the right apartment in no time and you will end up with the perfect apartment that is going to make you happy. A new apartment is going to make your life easier, especially if you get it for a great price.

An apartment guide will help your search and will make it easier for you to find an apartment that you really want. You can use the guide to narrow down your choices by allowing you to enter your preferences. This is going to help you find an apartment that is perfect for your needs.

The first thing you should figure out is how much you have to spend. Having a good budget is important because it allows you to pay for your apartment without having to worry so much about money. When your budget is decent you will have plenty of money left over for the other things you need and you won’t be struggling so much. You don’t want to have to struggle when you are renting.

The neighborhood you choose is also very important. You should take the time to look at the different neighborhoods in Wichita that you are interested in. Look them up on a map to see if they are going to be near the amenities you like to visit and you should take the time to visit the neighborhoods in person to make sure that you would actually want to live there.

If you are thinking about moving into an apartment complex, you should visit the complex at different times during the day and night to see what the feeling of the complex is like. The feeling might be very different on the weekend then it is during the week and you want to be prepared before sign a year lease on the space. If you have to move you are going to end up paying a large fee to break the lease.

Use an apartment guide Wichita KS to help you find the right apartment that you are going to love and be happy with. Wichita is an affordable city to live in and there are plenty of affordable apartments that are going to make you happy.

Finally Bought My Dream Home In Topeka Kansas After Years Of Looking

I had been wanting to buy a home, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I wanted it to be in the right location and I wanted it to be the perfect size and style with a reasonable price tag. I had looked around and set up appointments with realtors, but none of the homes I looked at were what I wanted. I found something wrong with every one of them, like the location or the home itself. I was sure I would be renting apartments for the rest of my life because I was so picky about what I wanted out of a home. I knew that once I bought a home, I didn’t want to put any work into it and I also didn’t want to move out and deal with selling it. I kept looking for the perfect home.

I searched online at different realtor websites for homes for sale in Topeka, Kansas and also on Zillow. I even set up email alerts so I would be notified when homes were put on the market for sale. I wanted to keep up with what was for sale in case any of these homes interested me. I even searched on Facebook for homes for sale and kept up with the realtor pages so I could see the homes listed in the area. I kept up with the emails I got and contacted realtors when I saw a home that caught my attention. I did this for awhile and one day, I found a new home posted for sale that I really liked. It was in the perfect location too. It was just what I wanted and I couldn’t wait to see it in person. I immediately contacted a realtor so I could look at the home. I was able to meet up with them the next day. I knew as soon as I pulled up to this home, it was just what I had been wanting to get. After walking through it, I told the realtor I wanted to buy it and I started the process of buying the home. I was able to move in the following month. I love the home I found for sale in Topeka, Kansas and I am so glad I finally found the perfect home to buy in the area.

How Do People Afford To Live In California?

California is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. With gorgeous scenery, beautiful weather practically year-round, and tons of incredible things to see and do, it is no wonder so many people want to live in the Golden State.

Unfortunately, with such a large number of people moving to the area, housing is in high demand. Because of that, housing prices are astronomically high in most parts of California. Trying to afford to buy a house on an average salary can seem like an impossible feat. It is hard to imagine how anyone could afford to buy a house that costs half a million dollars when working at an ordinary job.

As it turns out, there are quite a few methods that people use to make living in California a little bit more affordable. One way that people make do is by starting out small and moving into nicer and nicer houses over time. For instance, they may start by buying a small condo. After living there for a few years, they can sell it and reinvest the money that they made from the sale into a new property. After a few more years, they can then sell this other property and reinvest the money again, repeating this process until they have moved up into their dream home.

Other people help make their mortgages more affordable by renting out part of their house. For instance, they may convert their garage into an apartment. Having extra rental income can help offset the high cost of the mortgage, making it much easier to afford the monthly payments.

In other cases, people choose to rent an apartment rather than buying a home. The cost of rent in California is high, but at least you don’t need to come up with a down payment when you are a renter. This can make it a more attractive option for people who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money in savings.

Another option is to live outside of a major urban area. Property values tend to decrease dramatically the further outside of a city you get. Of course, there aren’t as many jobs in rural areas, which may make it difficult to find a balance between affordable housing and having a steady income.

These are some of the ways that people afford to live in California. It isn’t always easy. However, it is possible if you are willing to be creative with your finances and flexible with your lifestyle.

Making Your Apartment Ready For Winters

If you have never spent a winter season in an apartment of your own, you might find it really difficult to arrange your apartment according to the winter season. A lot of people might not find the meaning hidden behind that sentence unless or until they have to spend a winter season in their own apartment. If you got shifted to your apartment during the winter season and are really happy with the space you got with the cheap apartments for rent, you might not remain that happy with the arrival of the winter season. As the fall approaches, one needs to bring a lot of adjustments to the apartment that they live in ranging from making the arrangements to make it appear warmer to stuffing the closets as well as the drawers of the apartment with warm clothes. Some of the tips that you might need while managing the apartment for the winter season are discussed below.

There is a possibility that the first thing that you might have told the apartment finder services you had hired was to come up with an apartment that would be cheap in terms of the rent. Now the apartments that are cheap and don’t require you to pay much come up with some flaws in them. The wardrobe that you might have received along with the apartment might not be as sturdy as you had thought it to be. Therefore, before the arrival of the winter season, make sure that you get it repaired. The reason behind it is the fact that it is difficult to stuff the wardrobes with winter clothes as they are heavy and fluffy. Your wardrobe will take in the winter clothes only if it is well built.

Also make sure to get your hands on huge baskets. If you visit the apartments for rent in asheville nc during the winter season, you will see a lot of large sized baskets in most of the rooms. The reason why these baskets are placed there is to fill them up with the winter clothes that do not get any space in the wardrobes. Huge jackets that are fluffy are quite difficult to put inside the wardrobe. This makes them left out and you can put them in the baskets from where you can easily take them out and use whenever you want to.

Don’t forget to use cotton packs for the winter stuff. One of the best tips that you can apply during the winter season is to make sure that you wrap up your winter clothes in cotton packs before hanging them up in the wardrobe. The reason behind it is that there is a possibility that a bug might find its place into the wardrobe and might tear up the material of your expensive coat. To avoid that, make sure that you keep your winter clothes covered in wraps. This is extremely important as we all know how expensive the winter clothing actually is.



Making Your Apartment Look Good With Plants

The best things in life are for free. It is said commonly but a lot of people actually do not believe in that. People who live in cheap apartments for rent mostly get sarcastic when they hear something like that. The reason for this is the fact that they cannot afford to pay a lot of money to make their apartment look good and stylish. The apartments that are cheap and require you to pay a small amount of rent every month are defiantly not as good looking as the expensive apartments are. This makes the people living in cheap apartments heartrending as they obviously want to see their apartments look as good as the expensive ones look. If you are someone who is stuck in the same condition, do not worry as you really do not have to pay a lot of money to make your apartment look good. All you need to have is a good aesthetic sense and you will end up with a good looking apartment. Fill your apartment up with good looking plants and that will change the entire look of your apartment.

When you decide to go green with the plants for your apartment, you need to have some genuine apartment decorating tips that will make your apartment look good. You must be familiar with the fact that different kinds of plants should be bought in different seasons. If you have decided to make your apartment green with plants in the summer season, you need to buy the ones that grow up in the summer season. If you buy the wrong ones, it will not be of any use as they will not grow up to the level that will make them look good in the apartment.

The sizes of the plants are important as well. If you are new to this, you can ask for help from the experts regarding how big the plants in your apartment shall be according to different suitable locations for placing these plants. Do not go for the ones that are giants as they will make your apartment look like a jungle. In the same manner, avoid the ones that are too tiny as they will not fulfill the goal that you have in your mind for your new apartment and your efforts will likely go in vain.

Making the small apartments for rent in asheville nc look good is not a difficult thing as one might think. All you need to do is to come up with some wise ideas. If you love colors, you can make your apartment look colorful by coloring up the pots in which you have placed the plants. You can even give them a single color but that will make them monotonous. The best way out is to use different colors on different pots and then place them at every corner of your apartment. Also, make sure that you know about most of the characteristics of the plants that you have placed in your apartment.

Making A Realistic Budget While Living In An Apartment

One of the most difficult things that people have to do is to manage their monthly earning with the monthly expenses. The reason is the fact that it is definitely difficult to spend as much money as you should and this is true, especially, for the women. The most difficult task for women is to keep their hands off the shopping racks when they go out for the grocery shopping. However, people who really want to spend a satisfactory life and do not regret later on make sure that they make a monthly budget and live their lives strictly according to it. Living in an apartment ruins your budget every month as most of your earning goes off to the monthly rent. This happens even if you live in the cheap apartments for rent. Even the cheap apartments have so much rent that you have to think twice or thrice before taking money out for recreation. If you want to live a trouble free life, you need to make sure that you make a budget and spend your entire month just according to it.

If you are making the monthly budget for the first time, do not worry as it is not as difficult as you might consider it to be. First of all, you need to write down the monthly earnings that you have. If two people in the house earn, you can add the earnings and write it on the earning tab. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you tell the apartment finder services about your earnings and ask them to find an apartment just according to the budget that you have. This way paying off the monthly rent might not get too difficult for you.

While making a budget, give preference to the fixed expenses that you have to pay every month no matter what. If you have just bought a car on mortgage, make sure that you add the debt to be paid per month on the expense part at the top. After that, write down all the other expenses that you need to pay each month and the monthly rent of apartments for rent in asheville nc should also be a part of these expenses.

When you get done with the fixed expenses, you need to write down the monthly expenses that you have to bear in terms of grocery and the utility bills. Also add the shopping bills as well as the fees of your children’s school to it. One of the best tips for you is to make the budget at the start of the month so that you can spend your entire month according to that calculation. Subtract the expenses portion from the income one and you will get to know either you are going with profit or deficit. You can save the money that is left over for a secure future of your children. But the key lies in sticking to whatever plan you have made.

How To Keep Your Apartment Free Of Clutter

One thing that annoys most of the people who live in an apartment is the clutter that accumulates in the apartment. Be it the living room or the bedroom of the apartment, the clutter never looks good. People who do not have much money to pay the high rent of the large apartments have to settle in for the cheap apartments for rent. These cheap apartments, although, come with a smaller pay check to be paid to the apartment owner every month but, at the same time, they come with a small space to live comfortably in. If you have a large family to live with, the small apartment might always look like a space filled with clutter all the time. If you have to go to the office every day, the situation might get worse as you would not get enough time to keep your apartment clean all the time. If you want to get rid of the clutter, just make sure that you keep in mind following tips and your apartment will never look messy again.

One thing that helps you in having a clean house is prevention. Always prevent the clothes from getting piled up on a chair or the bed. If you and the people you live with are used to taking a dirty shirt and throwing it on the bed, this habit will lead to a huge clutter on the bed that might not look good to you as well as to the visitors. A pile of dirty clothes on a bed is never a good sight.  Watching that clutter on the bed will also create a stress on your mind as you won’t know how to get rid of it as soon as you see the guests entering your apartment. Prevention is one of the best things you can ever apply in your real life.

One thing that can help you a lot in preventing the clutter in the apartments for rent in asheville nc is assigning some spots to the stuff you use in the house. For example, buy a huge bucket or a basket and put your dirty clothes in it. Tell all your family members to put all the dirty clothes in the basket rather than piling them up on the bed or somewhere else in the apartment. Along with that, you can also assign specific shelves for specific stuff, for example, old newspapers or books. Assign specific cabinets in your kitchen for dirty and clean dishes.

Make sure to get rid of the old newspaper and magazines. When the apartment finder services find a small apartment for you, there is no other option available to you than to get rid of all the extra stuff that you have. Now, be it the extra books or the old newspapers that you have, you need to sell them off or burn them. Along with that, make sure that you unsubscribe extra magazines and newspapers that no one even reads in your house.

How To Deal With Unfriendly Neighbors

If you have just moved out of your previous apartment and moved to a new one, you can’t expect everything to be similar to your previous lifestyle. Living in apartments for rent in asheville nc might come with a variety of experiences. At one side, you might live with neighbors who would be extremely supportive and friendly with you and, on the other hand, you might shift to an apartment that is surrounded with rude neighbors. Dealing with neighbors who are rude and extremely unfriendly is no doubt a difficult task. You want to talk about your problems with them but can’t because they are not at all welcoming. You want to invite them to your house warming party but they won’t even like the idea of blasting loud music late in the night. If this is the situation with you and you have ended up with rude neighbors, do not worry as this article will tell you some tips with the help of which you can actually live in peace with them.

First of all you should become friends with your landlord. When the apartment finder services that you get your hands on provide you with a perfect apartment, the first thing that you need to do is to get to know the owner of the apartment in the best way possible. You need to make sure that you construct good relations with him and have a friendly reputation. This helps you quite a lot in the future when you might get into a brawl with your neighbor. If, in case, you have a dispute with your neighbor and he calls up the owner of the apartment you live in, there are high chances of him supporting you if you have a good relationship with him. He will support you unconditionally till you come out of the trouble.

Also don’t let the dispute turn ugly. One thing that is really uncomfortable when it comes to living in cheap apartments for rent is the fact that walls of the apartments are joined with one another way too closely. In such condition, even when you are watching the TV, the noise travels down to several apartments in the row. Now, you need to be a little careful and any dispute that occurs because of the noise should be handled carefully. It’s better to stay calm in such condition because, if you argue a lot, there is a possibility that your neighbor might turn up the music when you are trying to sleep in the night the very next time!

One of the best things that you can do when you live with neighbors who are extremely unfriendly is to be nice to them no matter how bad they behave with you. Just give them a polite smile every time you see them and it will give a good impression of you to them. Additionally, try to help them out as much as possible and they will be forced to act nicely to you!